Cathy Udeani: Do You Know Your Worth

UpByFive is intended to inspire us to increase our value; to understand the worth we add to ourselves, those around us, and the world.

But do we know our financial net worth?

I will be publishing several articles about how to better yourself financially.

You may be thinking, what does she know about personal finance? I’m debt free, nice net worth, and several growing investments managed by myself. Literally making thousands of dollars a year by doing nothing other but watching my money grow. I’ve helped numerous people escape the trenches of debt and work towards being financially free.

As millennials, it is normal to have a negative net worth. The goal is to make it positive. Over time, it will be. As long as you take my advice.

Let’s talk about budgeting, savings, personal investments, and retirement – All while still enjoying the money you make. After all, money is meant to be enjoyed.

I’m looking forward to sharing my wealth of knowledge with you. Stay tuned and see how we can make our money grow.