Chiedu Bosah: Why Dallas?

I had only been to Dallas once prior to moving here for a business trip which is pictured above. However, before that trip, I already decided and committed to moving to Dallas. Why? That is the question on everyone’s mind. Let me give you some background.

I am from a small town in Ohio called New Albany. And I eventually went to Ohio state(the Ohio State University) for college. But I always knew Ohio wasn’t for me long term. It was too slow. Many people did the same thing. Wake up. Go to work. Come home. Relax. This lifestyle wasn’t for me. I knew that I wanted to build platforms while building a name for myself. I was able to do both pretty easily and I became well known. But, I needed more action. I needed to be surrounding myself with people who were going after their dreams each and every day. So I made it a goal to myself to move to New York. After being offered a great position, I took it immediately. But then, I became the one that got comfortable.

New York was a lot of fun. However, it was challenging at the same time. I was lucky enough to have a place to stay in Brooklyn for minimum cost. But my desire to get out and make friends became expensive. My drive was thrown off. I didn’t continue to build the platforms I wanted. Instead, I went out and blew money and popped bottles in an attempt to meet more people. In Ohio, all my friends were close by and I could see them in moments if I chose to. Not in NYC. I eventually met friends but not through getting bottle service and such. It all starts with a simple conversation. 3 groups of brothers who I remain friends with until this day.

But something was still missing. Actually, a couple things. I have this passion for cars. Why the hell am I in New York? Leaving New York, I knew I wanted a few things. I wanted to stand out in the crowd. I wanted to build platforms. I wanted to pursue my passion for cars. I wanted warm weather. I wanted to be living in a place where I was surrounded by young professionals. One city came to mind. Dallas.

I knew of some great opportunities in Dallas and eventually, I was given one. This opportunity comes with a lot of visibility and I’m happy because now, everyone on my side of the floor knows who I am. Even though I’m standing out at work, I still want to be able to stand out in this city as well. I’m currently working on something that’ll allow me to do that.

Right before moving here, I saw the car that I wanted online. A silver 2013 BMW 335is coupe. It’s a model that’s rare and I knew there would be a chance where it could go up in value. So I did the numbers with them and bought it without seeing it. No regrets. Even though it was cold when I moved here, it is now at the point where I can drive with the windows down and sunroof open and I can hear the smooth sound of my exhaust along with my twin turbo. A dream turned into a reality. 

Lastly, I live in Uptown, Dallas in the State Thomas neighborhood. This is not a place where you see babies in strollers. It is a place where you see young professionals walking their dogs. This is not a place where you see little kids in the pool. It is a place where people my age go on runs, relax by the pool and other things to relieve the stress that came with the week.

Dallas is a city I love. It is not as slow as Ohio and not as fast as NYC. And to be honest, it is the perfect pace for me. The lesson I learned through all of this is that one can get comfortable wherever. However, it’s easier to be driven in a place where you can pursue your passions on the side and can stand out more. I look forward to building out the dream while being here and sharing the story with you. Nothing happens overnight. It takes early mornings and late nights to turn any dream you have into a reality. Cheers.



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