Welcome to Fall Refresh

Welcome to Fall Refresh, a Letter from Founder & CEO Chiedu Bosah

Less than a year ago, UpByFive was just a vision – nothing more than an idea on a paper. With the help of so many supporters across the nation, UpByFive has turned from a vision into a complete reality, for which I am so grateful.

It’s been a crazy ride so far, but I can’t imagine doing this any other way.

Summer has ended. Fall is here. In preparation for this season, we came up with the UpByFive Fall Refresh – our campaign to recommit to the UpByFive vision and engage more community members. With the Fall Refresh, our goal was to not only come up with more content and more apparel. We wanted to find a way to bring the UpByFive community even closer together. In order to do this, we came up with a mobile app for both Android and Iphone. Many of us spend time on our phones and we thought, why not bring the motivation to our fingertips?

With the UpByFive app, users will have access to motivation all day, everyday.

Many people have asked me what about the UpByFive Fall Refresh excites me the most.  Even though I’m excited for it all (be sure to check out our new content and our new gear), there’s one particular aspect that really is a game-changer. Both prior to launch and after launch, people would send me snapchats at 5AM. I received snaps from the gym, the office, the bed, the car and much more. Everyone has a story. These snaps kept me motivated and kept me grinding. But as we all know, a lot of social media apps have character limits, but our stories don’t.  With the new UpByFive app, people are able to snap us and tell us their story without feeling limited or constrained.

With these stories, our hope is that other UpByFive members get motivated to get up and go after their goals.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming launch. Thank you all for your support and for sharing the movement amongst your friends and family. Without you, UpByFive would not be in existence.

                                                          – Chiedu “CB” Bosah

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