Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been? 

One is probably wondering where I’ve been. Where’s the UpByFive content? Where are the new UpByFive designs? Where is the ambitious old Chiedu Bosah?

As many of you know, I moved to a New York City and started working at a new job where I get to learn about my field. With this job, I would have the ability to fund UpByFive and my other ideas. After moving to NYC, I became very comfortable. I started getting paid regularly through my full time job and life became a lot easier. However, something is missing. The aspect of my life that was missing was what took me away from building out UpByFive. Instead of continuing to build something great that I already started, I made the decision to go out instead. Being new to this city, I barely knew anyone and I became drawn to happy hours, nightclubs and brunches in an attempt to make friends like a lot of people my age. Doing these things became habitual and took up the time I used to build and run UpByFive. If you knew me in Ohio, I had friends everywhere. I’d go out and I would know people wherever I went. However, I didn’t have the money to go out all the time like I do now. Here in NYC, I was able to turn the financial aspect upside down but I didn’t have the amount of friends and connections I used to. If you ask anybody who truly knows me, I thrive off being social and having amazing friends around me.

As the weeks come and go, I realize over and over that I have to continue working on UpByFive, documenting the journey and continuing to improve myself. I know it’ll take time to get back to the swing of things and how I used to do it back in Ohio. However, I know that if I continue to work on my ventures and passions, the right people who deserve to be in my life will come.

A lot of you are wondering where I’ve been and now you know. In terms of UpByFive, there’s more coming. I drafted the requirements for the UpByFive mobile app. I’m currently looking for developers to build it out. I’m also in the process of looking for more people to interview and people interested in designing UpByFive ware. I have some ideas but in terms of implementation, I definitely will need some help. If you or anyone you know is interested, please feel free to send me an email at chiedu@upbyfive.com. Take care. Thanks for reading.

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